Happy New Year

2018. Wow. We’re almost into the Roaring 20s again… you can practically smell the rich getting richer.

With all the distractions in this administration and the breaks with tradition (not to mention the outright scandals) and yet Trump still in office, I can’t help but wonder if this is how it felt when Hitler was just starting out. When the king of England went to visit Germany (after he abdicated the throne) he was hanging out with Nazis, even touring concentration camps— granted, before they were in use, but still, could he read a shadow of the word genocide written on the wall? I have to admit, sometimes when we’re knee-deep in it, life is harder to decipher and the obvious becomes less so.

And when quality of life begins to slide, it is amazing how the brain quantifies and cajoles; each level of descent rationalized as the new norm. Pretty soon we won’t even question that our political leaders are wined and dined by industry because that will seem like kindergarten corruption compared to the new deal of the century. While we argue with each other and blame our situation on who voted for whom, our country is being hijacked by the uber-rich.

2017 was a rough one, for sure, with obstacles and booby traps galore. It feels like we survived a train wreck and now it’s time to sort through the steaming rubble, find our friends and neighbors, and get back on the tracks. I picture our society as a giant soap bubble rolling along the grass, and in order to really get going and make some progress, we have to pull together to push against the edge with all our might. Otherwise the bubble stalls and bounces, a little to the left, back to the right; we are unorganized and spastic and we end up staying put.

As a country I don’t believe we are polarized, but I do think the mainstream media has an agenda to report so, and I do believe we are becoming more desensitized with each broadcast. Most of the people I meet are kind and tolerant, but according to the news we are a nation divided by issues that are, quite frankly, “none of the government’s goddamn business.” -Bob Perry. My grandfather was as Republican as they come, yet he would always sit and discuss political topics with consideration and integrity— unless we were talking about wolves, he had no patience for his granddaughters’ arguments in support of the value of wolves.

Yet wolves have proven to play an important part in the eco system as a whole, as well as all animals, birds, plants, bugs… In fact, the only ones who don’t seem to be beneficial to this planet are the humans. What do we do that causes a positive impact? Plenty of negative effects: pollution, deforestation, trash everywhere- in the ocean, in the ground, hell, even in space. When aliens go cruising by our little solar system it must be like driving past a dilapidated trailer park with garbage all over the lawn. No wonder they don’t want any contact with us; we’re like the Cousin Eddie of the whole freakin’ galaxy. Sigh.

I realize I’m all over the place in this column, scattered and disjointed, but that’s exactly how I feel after living through a year of this shit. Like a sheep sitting at a round dining table with a seasonal centerpiece, in a room full of sheep eating and drinking and talking, looking forward to the next course… only to look up at the podium on the stage and notice the banner hanging above; Wolf of the Year Award.

Winston Churchill once called Ramsay MacDonald a “sheep in sheep’s clothing.” And that sums up our president perfectly. He has no interest in making anything in America great again, he is only interested in what this country can do for him. I’m not sure how much he’ll be able to stuff into his pockets before he is shown to the door, but I do know he’ll make a great scapegoat when the wheels finally come off and the whole cartload of manure that is this administration goes careening off the cliff. Cheers to a happy new year of impeachment!

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