Rock Bottom

I have a magnet on my frig that my best friend, Audra, gave to me. It reads: Who the hell would throw shit at a fan?! Well, now we know. Donald Trump would definitely throw shit at a fan. In response to Trump stating that Scotland had done a good thing by voting to leave the EU, the Scots responded on Twitter with their usual nuts-on succinctness. My favorite tweet was this one, “they voted remain and they hate your guts, you ludicrous tangerine ballbag.”

As much as I cannot imagine him being the president of the United States, I will not vote for Hillary. Besides the obvious concerns about food, water and shelter, i.e., Hillary’s track record with Monsanto, Gas & Oil, Wall Street, I have never voted for a republican before and I’m too old to start now. (Hillary is a new and improved kind of republican; a Republocrat. She won’t threaten our right to choose, but she’ll sell our unborn children’s future to the highest bidder.) And so I will vote my conscience, and vote for Jill Stein with the Green Party.

Airing my sentiments on facebook, I unintentionally started a small war of words between the die-hard democrats and the Bernie-or-busters. I must say, the argument for Hillary is fear based, and perpetuates the status quo— oligarchy. Said argument goes like this: if we don’t vote for Hillary, then Trump will become the president and that’s scarier than a war monger who is pro-GMO, pro-fracking and in cahoots with the big banks. Voting for a third party is dangerous and selfish because of the risk to our country’s future. So, just suck it up and live with the lesser of the evils. Look, you can still have a side of fries and a coke with your Tyranny Burger.

But a lot of Bernie supporters are vegetarian.

Bernie has already done what he set out to do; educate and inspire millions of Americans about our (broken) system of government. The reason he’s a one-trick pony (always talking about big corporations) is because that’s where reform has to start. The reason we have to choose between a Republocrat and a member of the brand-spanking new Tea Party for Buffoons, Bullies and Bigots, is because of all the money corrupting everything from our media to our voting booths.

My friend, Soc, sums it up well:

“People say a third party/independent has absolutely no chance of winning when that isn’t true. People said marijuana had no chance of winning. The non-voters outnumber the voters. There is power in the non-voters. If something made them stand up and vote, any third party or independent could win. Voting for a third party does not make another party win. What makes another party win is a better campaign strategy, or voter fraud, neither of which is the voter’s doing. The voter’s job is to vote for who they want to win, not out of fear, but out of reason and intellect. When I vote third party it isn’t taking a vote away from a party I will not vote for. Voting for evil to stop evil is evil and not intelligent. This argument keeps these criminals in power. They are robbing the nation through military contracts and we need to put an end to it. Trump as president may be what this country needs to get away from party mentality. George Washington warned us in his farewell address, but every president since has been a party member. It’s money over reason, and it needs to stop. This year, preferably.”

Perhaps Trump is what it will take for this country to change. Just like an alcoholic has to hit rock bottom in order to give up drinking, well, Trump is our rock bottom. He represents our lowest common denominator, and he embodies the hubris that our country has become renowned for. Instead of tired, hungry masses, we now have ignorant, angry mobs; and that is what drives the hate crime bus in America. Hatred is born of fear, and fright stems from ignorance. Education is the key to peace (education and common sense, i.e., the wherewithal to not throw shit at a fan.)

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