Year of the Monkey

2016 is the year of the monkey; a year of big change. As much as I want to be an easy-going and flexible person, I am not great with change. So, when it comes to the year ahead, I am picturing a cute little monkey floating down the river on his back, wearing a PFD and keeping his feet up- always remember to keep your feet up! This will surely be a year of big change for Americans judging by the carnival show that is our current political situation. In fact, a monkey would fit right in… maybe those little guys with their eyes, ears and mouth covered should run for president; you know, class it up with a little discretion.

I recently saw a meme (pronounced meem) on Facebook addressing the American powers-that-be:

“I just can’t stand to hear white people say that America used to be a great country… Excuse me, are you referring to when my indigenous ancestors were being slaughtered? Perhaps you mean during slavery or the Jim Crow era? The way I see it, you have to be either a total psychopath or a complete buffoon. Wanna get real? America was pretty awesome until 1492.” –Indivisible: African-Native American/American Indian/Indigenous Ancestry

Let’s face it, we’ve created a monster- actually a gaggle of them- that likes to wear pancake make-up and pander to fear and suspicion, the basic chakras. Early man absolutely had to pay attention to what his gut was telling him; his survival depended on hunger, lust and fight or flight. But today we have Starbucks to fulfill those primal urges. It’s no longer necessary to fly by the seat of our weird little military-issue short-pants. We can take the time to listen to our inner voice, and conduct ourselves in a manner more in alignment with our collective conscience. It may sound hippy-dippy or naïve, but if we keep voting with our lower chakras I fear we will end up with a president who doesn’t take the time to think things through. A president who simply reacts, writing checks with his ego that we, the people, will have to find a way to cash.

What does it say about us as a nation that we would vote for a man who is prejudiced against immigrants, but whose wife is an immigrant? A man who has never had to work for a living, but calls himself the working class candidate? A spotlight grabber with nothing to say? I’ll tell you what it says, that Americans live our lives on television. We watch each other scrap over the crumbs, while the guys with the doughnuts stay out of reach, orchestrating consumerism through the corporate owned media. We’re being played. And guys like Donald Trump are just pawns in suits, egging us on.

No one wants to be the chump that worked and fought for the American Dream, only to end up with a puddle of spit. And we’re all told by the corporate-owned box that the harder we work, the more we can afford to buy, and the happier we’ll be. But it’s not true. Life’s a bell curve in most respects, and the top of the bell (the best place to be) is somewhere in the middle. That’s why we need legislation that supports the middle class over corporate interests.

The biggest lie of all is that we have to fight each other over The Dream. Sharing and helping people brings way more joy than hoarding. It’s only with genuine kindness and empathy that we’ll find true joy in our existence. Animals know this (probably because they don’t watch tv.) All we really have to do is stay in the current (the middle) on our back, feet up, and enjoy the ride. Just like a monkey would.

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