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Your Mother's Candidate

Hillary has got to stop dressing like a Japanese prime minister. Granted, her wardrobe shouldn’t be the determining factor, but nominations have been lost over less, I’m sure. Doesn’t she have a publicist; someone to help her look more like a normal person? I realize she is the 1% and that’s a big part of why it’s so difficult for her to relate to the average American voter. She doesn’t have a clue what it feels like to choose between working to pay the bills or taking leave to care for a sick family member, between organic meat or organic dairy because she can’t afford both, between her own retirement and her child’s education. Her nescience comes across loud and clear through pictures and videos on internet news sites, and it makes me angry.

“Do you think it’s the hat? A lot of people hate this hat. It angers a lot of people, just the sight of it.” -UB

You know me, I’m all for sisterhood and women sticking together, which is why there is no way I would vote for a woman who’s trying so hard to be one of the boys. (Plus, I’ve been voting for the lesser of two evils all my life; I’m over it.) Hillary’s biggest liability, in my opinion, is that she comes across as disingenuous. I don’t trust her. Whether it’s by changing her stance on the issue or her accent, she shape-shifts depending on who else is in the room. A candidate should at least appear authentic in her desire to help people while she’s campaigning (especially if she’s claiming to be a democrat.)

As for all the fellow-women-shaming, I get it. We have been fighting for equality for so long, and it’s embarrassing to be the only one of our peers that has never had a female leader, but we cannot elect Effie Trinket just because she’s a woman. I think women who support Hillary have lost sight of the forest for the one tree that likes to wear pantsuits. We have a different vantage point thanks to women like Gloria Steinem and Ruth Bader Ginsburg; women who have worked their whole lives to foster equality. We have seen significant changes in the last generation, but more than a V in the oval office, we need equal pay in every office.

At least Bernie is what Bernie seems to be: an old, white guy who pays his interns equally (at all!) and truly believes in the power of the people. Just look at what Bernie’s team has already accomplished without the help of the American media. Imagine if the major “news sources” had reported Bernie’s take on the issues all this time instead of the same old sound bite: “he’ll never make it.” And even with the support of Rupert’s news guys, Hills can’t garner the same level of support. More proof that social media is the new news source for young Americans; hence everything they see isn’t filtered through the Hunger-Games-feel of American television. This election is a turning point for our country;* we will either use our votes and voices to move in the direction of equality for all, or we’ll continue down the trodden path of tiered corporate slavery.

Here, in our little mountain town, we also have a politician who is feeling the burn to take the path to fair and balanced growth. Allyn ‘Keepin it Local’ Harvey is running for Carbondale town trustee. Allyn doesn’t want to see us sell out our slices of the pie, one by one, to the highest bidder. He is committed to growing local business, providing affordable housing and working to create left-hand turn access for all. (It’s true, you can go round and round, and make all the right-hand turns you want, but unless you’re coming from RVR, good luck going left on Hwy 133.)

It’s all about direction these days; where are we going, and why? The days of long drives through the countryside, wasting a limited resource and contemplating future suburban sprawl are long gone. Hopefully, our town and our country are headed for an equally bright and sustainable future. All we have to do is vote for the guys who will actually try to get us there.


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